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The Kind Aura is an aura photography studio in Los Angeles Venice, California exploring your astral energy in tangible form–an aura portrait polaroid photo. The biofeedback photography technology is the Aura Camera 6000; invented by Guy Coggins to help you see the slender and give you insight into. –Guy Coggins, Inventor of the Aura Camera 6000. RED / Do you have a lot of will power, do you feel strong, love new beginnings? Are you into leadership roles, creating action, practical, passionate, courageous, sensual? Think: desire, vitality, power, eroticism, earthiness. Guy Coggins, the inventor of the Aura Camera, and president of Progen/Aura Imaging has been hard at work in research and development and has produced an exciting new digital addition to the Aura Camera 6000, real time Aura Imaging that follows your movement, WinAura, the living Aura, the finest laptop compatible, patented Aura Imaging system. The camera dispalys the aura as colorful fields of light. The color, shape, size of the aura can indicate emotional and spiriual changes. Here at Knead and Seed, Juli, found Guy Coggins himself and after many lengthy discussions he built her an aura camera.

Auras and Aura Imaging are once again prominently shown on the SciFi Network TV program, "Proof Positive". Incidentally, auras were the one story that was "proof positive"-ly true! Guy Coggins, president of Aura Imaging and inventor of WinAura and the Aura Camera is. Radiant Human & Aura Photography. Back in 1970, Guy Coggins built a camera that could capture people’s auras, otherwise known as the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. There are supposedly about 100 of these cameras in existence, and one now belongs to Christina Lonsdale of Radiant Human.

06/08/2012 · Photographer Carlo Van de Roer has been shooting portraits with the Polaroid Aura Camera. Created in the 1970's by a gentleman named Guy Coggins, the aura camera was designed to capture more that what can be seen with your human eyes. So, how exactly does this work? The subject puts his or her hands on sensors that measure. During this time, Guy Coggins discovered Kirlian Photography and was fascinated by it. So much so that he made his ability to see Auras, his wish to make alternative consciousness available for everybody, and merged it with his technical skills to develop the first Aura camera. 25/02/2011 · Dr. Guy Coggins who has the implausible middle name 'Aura' rode the California culture of crystals and mood rings and adapted existing imaging technology to bring the first aura camera to mass market. The camera gave new-age acolytes the chance to see their "auras" in a photograph.

Our aura imaging software provides beautiful, real-time visualizations of aura-chakra energy that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Our software makes the complicated hand sensor readings visually comprehensible and easy to manage. Your clients deserve an aura camera that’s at the cutting-edge of aura imaging technology. 24/07/2012 · It's an imaging technology that you've probably never heard of, but it's been around as long as the mood ring: Aura Photography. Invented by Guy Coggins in 1970, he claims that Aura Imaging can depict what a psychic might see—the color of your light, or aura essentially your disposition. Coggins now offers Interactive or real-time aura imaging. Winaura, the software behind the Aura Imaging System, goes beyond photography and show the aura while it’s changing. You can read more about Aura Imaging on Guy Coggins website. Guy Coggins, President Progen Company. Inventor of the Aura Camera 6000 Interactive WinAura Imaging and mobility aids for the handicapped. As you become aware of your aura and the energy of other living beings and situations around you, you can go beyond the unconscious.

Guy Coggins himself says: "When I was starting with Aura photography many years ago I had a vision of that what would be possible with my technology. I have gotten enormous satisfaction from the knowledge that the Coggins Aura Camera has changed life everywhere on the world. Now my second vision has become also true. Guy Coggins took this work a gigantic step forward by combining his research on Kirlian photography with the research on biofeedback to produce a very usable camera called Guy Coggins Aura Camera 6000. What is Aura Photography?

View Guy Coggins’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Guy has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Guy. 23/07/2012 · Photographer Carlo Van de Roer was doing research for another project when he first came across aura camera techology. Turns out the guy who originally developed it, Guy Coggins, has built an entire business around this idea of photographing the invisible. Guy Coggins is on Facebook. Join. Guy Coggins. Guy Coggins is on Facebook. To connect with Guy, sign up for Facebook today. Log In. or. Sign Up. About Guy Coggins. Work. Aura Imaging. Owner · 1970 to present · Redwood City, California. We retail camera equipment and computer software that can take pictures of your aura. Education. City. Photographer Carlo Van de Roer was doing research for another project when he first came across aura camera techology. Turns out the guy who originally developed it, Guy Coggins, has built an entire business around this idea of photographing the invisible. Aura Photography: How It Works. Guy Coggins of Redwood City, California, invented and is now manufacturing cameras that produce photographic representations of the aura. The camera is an optical measuring procedure and is a refinement of Kirilian photography. Fine sensors scan and measure the electromagnetic energy field of the hand.

Some of the many positive benefits of aura camera devices are: Provide instant easy to understand information on aura-chakra states. Rapid feedback tool for educating clients about changes in aura depictions. Great way to create personalized aura-wellness readings. 04/11/2015 · Many of the people who practice aura photography cite Guy Coggins as the man who started it all in the early 1970s when he created a camera he claimed could capture a person’s aura, or the electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies. I call Coggins to ask how he feels about the recent interest in his work. Aura photography is a service for people to view their Electromagnetic Field also known as your Aura which is converted with special equipment created only for this purpose. The end result is a beautiful polaroid portrait displaying your aura as a snapshot of that moment. — Guy Coggins, Inventor of the aura camera. The resulting “aura portraits” may be more at home in booths at psychic fairs than in Soho studios. a collection of images which includes bizarre diagrams and descriptions generated by the aura camera. Tonight at Aperture gallery, a presentation on a unique portrait project Article on NPR about the "Aura" camera. How cool is this?

Today there is a new form of aura photography far superior to Kirlian’s energy transfer photography. Known as Aura Imaging Photography, this technique captures aura images by producing a full-spectrum color print of remote bioplasmic energy transfer. With the AuraCam 6000, you can do just that! The AuraCam 6000, pictured right, is a Polaroid camera that is capable of taking a single picture of a subject's aura instantly. This camera is ideal for therapy and health centers, Aura and Biofeedback studios, meditation centers, seminar houses, bookstores, fairs, and many other locations! Ghosts in the Machine: The aura camera was invented by the American, Guy Coggins, in the 1970s.

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